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Physical RecoveryRelaxation

I decided to give myself the gift of floating

After months of pushing it off to make an appointment due to a busy work schedule, I decided to give myself the gift of floating to my birthday. I'm a fast-paced athletic professional that suffers from tremendous muscular back and…
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MeditationPhysical RecoveryRelaxation

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had

One of the best experiences I have ever had. I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders not to mention the crazy amount of mental tension I hold onto, and I felt that all go away. I…
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First Float Experience

My first float experience was… different. Not bad. Just different. Let me back it up by saying within the last year, I made the choice to no longer use pharmaceuticals (including ibuprofen unless I’m knocking on death’s door) or products…
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FocusPhysical Recovery

It will balance you and you will feel like a new person

What in incredible experience. I had never floated and decided to try the night before my first triathlon. Being someone who also has a fear of complete darkness I was not sure how it would go. I could not believe…
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Greatest spiritual and emotional impact on my reality

I've floated several times at Waves and I'm surprised at the effect it has had on my well being. Upon leaving the float center, I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. But I'm mostly surprised by the difference in my thinking…
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Chronic Pain

It’s like literally floating on a cloud

If you have chronic pain of any kind you and you haven't been here before, need to ask yourself why you haven't tried this! It's like literally floating on a cloud. One hour flies by! Floating in the nude is…
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Physical RecoveryRelaxation

Just you, your body and your mind

I did my first sensory deprivation float session. No noise, no light, no stimulus whatsoever. (And no claustrophobia for those concerned.) Just you, your body and your mind. I mean, do we ever listen to what our bodies are telling…
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Ultimate Relaxation!

Being pregnant is an experience in itself, but thinking you’re doing the right things, i.e. taking it easy, lower impact exercise, etc. still DOES NOT take the stress off of your body like being in a float tank. I’ve personally…
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Liberating. When I think of all the words that could possibly be used to described my first float experience, liberating is the one that is most appropriate. I was introduced to Capitol Floats by an old friend, Terri N. Someone…
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