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Leave your worries behind

I am one of those people who can't shut their minds down. My thoughts are always racing. I worry about everything. I probably worry when there is nothing to worry about. After finishing my fourth marathon, my fiance suggested I…
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Every float is different, they’re all beneficial

I have been coming to Zen Float Center regularly since March 2017, and the benefits to my wellbeing are so valuable that I will continue to do so. I float for stress relief, anxiety therapy, headache relief, meditation, mindfulness and…
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Now I know what my fetus feels like!

My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Still Point Wellness a few weeks ago. What a beautiful facility! The infamous float tank is certainly what drew us in, which by far is what sets this spa apart from…
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Calming down a scattered brain (Spinocerebeller Ataxia)

I have SCA (Spinocerebeller Ataxia), it’s been described like if “ALS and Parkinson’s had a baby it’d be SCA”. Because of this my brain is very scattered or busy. Floating calms it down greatly. Since I started floating about a…
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Chronic Pain

Lyme related nerve pain

"I have been dealing with pain and anxiety from Lyme for years. My nerves are so painful that my rib muscles we're literally locking up and pulling my ribs out of place from the vertebrae and sternum. Floating makes the…
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First Float

Being held in the presence of mySelf

My first float was such a life changing experience in the realm that it was my first adult experience of feeling held and comfortable. I was able to access a deeper space within myself that I had never reached with…
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A trust-fall into oneself

All creatives know what getting in "the zone" feels like -it's also when we unleash our greatest works. On the flip-side, we know what creative burnout and artist's-block feel like (equally and at times painfully well). When last I floated…
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Chronic PainClaustrophobiaSleep

Such a calm, therapeutic experience

Absolutely wonderful! I have arthritis pain and fatigue everyday. I spent a blissful painfree hour yesterday in the tank and can't wait to go again next month. Such a calm, therapeutic experience. If, like me, you are in permanent pain…
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Physical Recovery

The effects were great

Like many people, I heard about "floating" and thought it sounded neat, but I wasn't really interested in doing it myself. I met Jarrid and he explained the process so thuroughly that I decided "what the heck?" and signed up…
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First FloatRelaxation

You just kind of blend into it all

This was an excellent experience! In a way it is a cave I've been looking for a long to hide from the noise of the World. so you just lay down in your pod took some time to get…
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