My insomnia floated away

I drifted away as a caterpillar, and came flying out of the tank a butterfly. Not only was my skin rejuvenation from all the Empson salts, but it also helped re-calibrate my biological clock and my insomnia floated away. Anxiety…
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AnxietyPhysical Recovery

One of the best investments I made

One of the best investments I made for mind, body and soul. I have a lot of inflammation from years of snow skiing, scuba diving, playing tennis, working out and my lifestyle choices. I have been very hard on my…
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My mind felt truly refreshed

I had my first float 2 days ago and I'm going back again today! I wasn't sure what to expect exactly, but Stephanie immediately put me at ease with a short video and a tour with an explanation and tutorial…
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AnxietyMeditationPhysical Recovery

This took me to another level!

What an incredible experience!!! I had my first visit here this evening, and it was my first time trying a float tank. It was truly transcendent; 60 minutes of pure bliss. I am an experienced daily meditator, but this took…
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One of the most amazing experiences

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! You must try to be able to understand just how incredible the whole floating experience is. I suffer with generalized anxiety disorder and I can honestly say I did…
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AnxietyDepressionFirst FloatPhysical RecoverySleep

this is magical!

Whhhhhaaaattt?!!! Why is this not a mandatory recovery tool prescribed by Doctors, psychiatrists, physical therapists etc?!! My first time floating was more than a success and I will be floating for the rest of my life. I see this beneficial…
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All of the blahs washed away

I have no words to describe the amazing feeling AFTER my first float. I was having a very challenging week. I had good intentions to float for many months and decided this was the day. I came out of the…
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AnxietyChronic Pain

I don’t remember the last time I felt this well

I have just got home from my first float at time to float Stratford. All I can say is I am a new woman. I was having issues with high stress and anxiety, and I have a chronic pain condition.…
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AnxietyChronic Pain

My calm-down place

My doctor was the one that recommended Float Therapy as a way to combat stress and work-caused fatigue (as well as anxiety, etc). I was nervous before my first float, cause I didn't know what to expect, but the results…
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AnxietyFirst FloatPhysical RecoveryRelaxation

A mind, body, spirit healing experience

Surprised Hubby with a 60 min FLOAT for his birthday. I had researched its therapeutic effects on anxiety, stress, and medicinal qualities of pain relief. It even helps people with mental disorders, and recovering addicts. I was excited to try…
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