I have just got home from my first float at time to float Stratford. All I can say is I am a new woman.

I was having issues with high stress and anxiety, and I have a chronic pain condition. My partner tried it and demanded me to go asap. Mark the owner was fantastic, lovely atmosphere there. He explained everything. The place was very clean, very calm.

You have a nice warm shower before you get in, in your private float room. Then you step into the float pod close the door behind you get comfortable and turn the light off, and float away in your Epsom salt bath. There is an emergency button if you need it but you will be so relaxed you won’t think about it.

It’s totally dark and your mind and body just relaxes. I was not 100% convinced before I went in, but by the time I got out I was a different person. So relaxed, muscles felt amazing, pain was down and in some joints there was no pain. My blood pressure went down by 22%, my anxiety and stress well let’s say it’s like i never felt that way. I don’t remember the last time I felt this well and this relaxed.

If you have any anxiety, stress, pain conditions all I can say is try it and if you are not changed, I will be shocked.
I don’t endorse many things but this was amazing and I will be a regular visitor.

Chantelle W. review of Time to Float