My doctor was the one that recommended Float Therapy as a way to combat stress and work-caused fatigue (as well as anxiety, etc). I was nervous before my first float, cause I didn’t know what to expect, but the results just worked for me. I have been returning ever since, aprox. every 2-3 weeks – and it’s been my calm-down place. The figure-of-speech that I prefer to describe this place is as follows: Imagine a big imaginary plunger on your head sucking out all of your stress, distractions and ultimately bringing you back to focus on your tasks at hand and the important things in life. I guess the key is shutting off all unnecessary outside stimulations and being left to deal with one-self – i guess some people would call that “meditate”. Bottom-line: Just do it (preferably more than one time). Oh yeah, and it’s good for your back too!

Daniel S., Awaken Float Lounge on Yelp