What an incredible experience. I suffer from anxiety disorder and have panic attacks that send me to the hospital. I heard about floating through KCRW. Yup, the radio. I looked up my nearest float center and this place popped up. I am incredibly surprised and relieved that my experience was so great.

The lady at the front desk was very sweet. She took the time to answer all my questions, told me what to expect, and gave some helpful hints as a first time floater.  The place is immaculate! I think it is better kept and better looking than some spas I’ve been to in Vegas!

I think everyone is going to have a different experience when you go in to float. Because of my anxiety it took several minutes for my mind to shut up and just focus on my breathing, but when I finally did… my muscles relaxed, I stretched a bit and oh my goodness my bones were cracking lol! It felt great! Again, because of my anxiety I was afraid I was going to fall asleep and not hear the music. Be not afraid! The speakers are inside the tub and the music is so relaxing it made me just want to stay in there floating longer.

Even the water pressure is great in the shower. I loved it. I highly recommend you try this if you want to relax whether it’s mental relaxation or physical. Don’t go in expecting anything and you will walk away with so much.

— Jess G, Float Clinic on Yelp