Float Station in Campbell has been our respite for decompression, detox and a true ritual of complete relaxation. I’ll admit I was nervous the first time we went to try our first floats, but the staff are there to help explain everything for you and answer any and all your questions so you feel completely at ease and ready to just simply relax. I look forward to our float sessions each and every time and with each session, my float becomes even easier to just slip into a meditative, restful state. Katie and Ryan have created an environment that is conducive to this – the facility is clean, simple, modern, quiet, soothing and immediately puts you into a state of forgetting about what’s outside and recognizing the priority of focusing on just yourself throughout your stay at the Float Station.

I successfully manage nerve pain and other symptoms from two autoimmune conditions. Floating has been instrumental to continuing to manage these conditions without the use of medication. The staff will work with you to personalize your experience with every detail while giving you a tremendous sense of respect, privacy and care. Float Station is top notch and I feel so grateful we found this place.


Laura B about Float Station on Yelp