Admittedly, I only do reviews if I love or hate a place.

I have to own the fact that I was VERY skeptical of this entire process. You float in a dark tank filled with salt and it’s supposed to make you feel better? Yeah ok…

I was SO WRONG. I have chronic back and knee pain and after I left this magic tank I felt amazing to put it lightly. My muscles had relaxed and I was able to move my neck in ways that I totally forgot was possible. I was more relaxed than ever. I can not say enough about this whole process itself, TRY IT ONCE. You will not be disappointed.

Now the real reason for the review. This place is on it’s A game when it comes to SERVICE which is personally HUGE for me. I won’t give you my money unless you’re nice to me. I called and spoke to a guy, I want to say his name was Eric. He was so informative, and gave me more information than a peasant like me could possibly need. He was so flexible with times and when I could come in. When I got there (location is great by the way, close to 91 and 55), he talked me through it even more and showed me around. He showed me how they cleaned the water which was AWESOME and made me feel better. This place is SO CLEAN!!! They provide a place to shower before and after AND soaps and shampoo and conditioner that smelled fantastic and treated my dyed hair very well. I showered and hopped in what I now refer too as the magic tank. All sense of time was gone and it was just me bobbing around in the water. Very surreal feeling because you are SUPER buoyant.

He was SO friendly and answered all my ridiculous questions that I had with far more patience than I could have ever expected. STRONG recommend.

— Cassandra M., Awaken Float Lounge on Yelp