I suffer from Lupus. My joints and muscles ache and the fatigue hits hard without warning! I’ve gone thru many different treatments and medications, both eastern and western approaches including oral and IV infused chemo. I have yet to find relief! Luckily I won a gift certificate on a Thursday and was in to try it on Friday! “Ain’t got time to waste time!” Here’s my experience… I turned off the mood lights after the music stopped and fell into meditation faster and deeper. I felt as if I was floating in the middle of the night in the ocean. The water temp and the air are all controlled to the same temp as your skin…making you NOT feel where water or air is… u float effortlessly allowing u to feel free of any joint, muscle or any physical stress to your body that you would normally feel with conscious or non conscious everyday movements or active muscle movements like standing, sitting, walking, talking etc. Therefore allowing your body to destress… I literally felt as if my body was gently spinning in the ocean, without feeling my surroundings or the water at all! It was complete BLISS, absolutely EPIC! I think we’ll soon b on a first name basis! See u all soon!

Gena T’s review of Float Spokane