I went to try out a float. I am a high pain person. I have stenosis in my neck and have pain 80% of my time. I wanted to try it and see if it would help me. Wow! The sixty minutes spent floating was worth every penny. I came out of the float with no pain, wow. I felt pretty good the next day too. Very clean room, nice towels, and a shower to wash the salt water off once your float is over. The tank had a temp of 82 degrees which I found to be comfortable and the water temp was comfortable too. The staff is super friendly and helpful getting you set up and explaining how to turn off the tank light and which direction you should float in the tank. You just lie down and instantly float, for me it was very pleasant. It was just a little humid but after a while it OK. I already have another appointment

NMHiker1 about Float Alamos on Trip Advisor