My husband researched float pods/deprivation tanks for a while as an alternative to massage. I live with an autoimmune disease and have inflammation, swelling, stiffness constantly. The experience was everything we hoped for.

The center is nice and clean. The lounge was comfortable and stocked with tea and bottled water. The restroom area was clean and the area for hair drying/styling was well stocked and clean.

The pod room was clean and comfortable. Clean towels, mats and amenities were stocked in the bench and side table. The staff walked me through the process and left me to it. After, I showered in the room (shower is in room with pod). They provide nice soap and shampoo, lotion and ear wash. I did bring conditioner for afterwards.

The float was interesting/rejuvenating/relaxing/etc. Amazing. I felt better immediately with less pain and stiffness which is an epic feat. I felt the after effects for the rest of the day and had energy to spare. Something I’m not used to.

Krista A. review of Tampa Floats