If you have chronic pain of any kind you and you haven’t been here before, need to ask yourself why you haven’t tried this! It’s like literally floating on a cloud. One hour flies by!

Floating in the nude is best for desensitization. You can float with pod open or closed, lights on or off. Be careful the salt makes things in the pod slippery!

First timers watch a short video on an iPad to see the history and how floating works. Once you get your private room (complete with shower and cocoon), you are asked to shower, put in ear plugs, put Vaseline on any scrapes or cuts you may have, and then float!

Once you put in those ear plugs, don’t take them out. They are a pain to put back in when wet.

Any tiny scrape or cut you may have WILL sting.

I’ve always had chronic back pain and I came out pain free! (I had to go in and out of the pod a few times to apply Vaseline to newly discovered cuts.)

The part of you that’s exposed out of the water when floating gets a bit cold and crusty (from the Epsom salt drying up).

Cindy F, Cocoon Float Pods on Yelp