The best way to end your week.  I love this place for the following reasons:

It’s like a spa, clean, relaxing, not scary or claustrophobic.  I’ve been in a couple of types of pods / tanks and this style of tank where you can stand up if you choose and you can easily open the door unassisted is by far my favorite.  The tanks are clean, stainless steel and they don’t smell, all of this is appreciated.  You can even step in and out of the tank as you choose because the tank is situated within your own private little spa shower room.

The people are very friendly.  I’ve had to reschedule, cancel, ask for special temperatures, all sorts of annoying things folks often bristle about.  100% cool about it every time.  I even learned about some very specific / high quality breathing for sports exercises from one of the front desk managers.

Being in the tank is the best shortcut to a meditative experience.  Let’s face it you’re not gonna meditate for 60-90min, but once you commit to floating in the relaxing tank you’ve essentially worked 60min+ of meditation into your week.  Also since you can move around a bit and drift into and out of sleep it doesn’t feel torturous as medication can feel in the early days.

It’s a massage and a chiropractor in one. I broke my back years ago and regularly get massages, use inversion tables, all manner of expensive and time-consuming interventions.  I don’t need to do this when I use the tank.  I haven’t used the tank frequently enough to eliminate all other interventions but I think it may be possible.  The 2nd time I floated my back did the most powerful crack / re-adjustment totally naturally and without force.  I still remember that shift because it was the biggest shift I’ve ever had and I’ve spent thousands trying to achieve that release.

Just try it.

Martin A. reviewing Flot on Yelp