As a Veteran and hard working single woman, this was the absolute best gift I have given myself in a long time. Floating in a pod, or in the open pool, put me to sleep. As someone who has suffered from claustrophobia, I had absolutely no issue in the Pod because it is huge and gives you enough space to sit up and also see what’s going on because the light is on in side of the Pod when you close the top. I felt as if I was floating in heaven, I was able to turn my mind off and actually relax and unwind. It’s better than getting a massage, acupuncture, Etc.. I actually have color treated hair and it did not damage my hair or cause any damage to my skin, in fact I feel softer and healthier as a result of my floats. A must try for anyone who has ever even considered taking this path. Thank you so much for the opportunity which allowed Veterans a chance to take a break from our PTSD and any struggles we have ever faced.

When you are done with your float head next door to Bowls, absolutely amazing food, healthy and an overall great atmosphere

— Laura H, Float Milwaukee on Facebook