Today was my first float.

I was skeptical at best. But I booked it this morning and just went.

It’s clean. The staff is helpful and friendly.

I chose a pod. It’s not claustrophobic AT ALL. I thought it might be but it’s not. You can touch the corners with your arms stretched super wide and can’t touch heel and head. And you can sit up in the pod. Someone said it’s like an interior of a minivan and that’s accurate.

The water was a good temp. I opted to turn the music and lights off after adjusting into the float. I’m pretty relaxed and while there were moments during the float I wasn’t sure I would do it again I now think I will (I’m not a “good” relaxer).

It was a fascinating experience. So if you’re thinking about it. Do it.

— J T., Lift Next Level Floats on Yelp