Liberating. When I think of all the words that could possibly be used to described my first float experience, liberating is the one that is most appropriate. I was introduced to Capitol Floats by an old friend, Terri N. Someone…
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A trust-fall into oneself

All creatives know what getting in "the zone" feels like -it's also when we unleash our greatest works. On the flip-side, we know what creative burnout and artist's-block feel like (equally and at times painfully well). When last I floated…
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More relaxed and at peace than I have felt in years

Floating naked in a pitch dark completely silent tank full of salt water for two hours sounds completely bonkers, I'm aware of that. Might I mention that I'm also terribly afraid of the dark and bodies of water. So you…
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Be happy and free

Imagine the feeling of floating effortlessly, infinitely, your body relaxed, mind at peace, stress and anxiety melting away, as problems become manageable, and your mind creatives new ideas guiding you in your journey though life. Be Happy and Free. —…
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I’ve been floating fairly regularly for about 6 months now

I've been floating fairly regularly for about 6 months now. Better Being has pretty much been the only game in town since they opened, and I'd say that the team over there has set the bar pretty high for what…
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Floating has changed my life

I have been floating regularly now for a little over a year. Floating has changed my life. It’s helped me to mediate, relax, benefit from muscle recovery. What I love the most is just how floating has helped me deal…
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