All creatives know what getting in “the zone” feels like -it’s also when we unleash our greatest works. On the flip-side, we know what creative burnout and artist’s-block feel like (equally and at times painfully well).

When last I floated I was a mermaid, a song sung from the depths of a bottomless sea. I was a collection of stardust. I was nothing and I was everything. The blocks of my tirelessly racing mind began to melt away, and the inner calm which serves as the gateway to “the zone” began to call like a siren.

It was a safe and sacred space to do exactly what most of us, in the root of everything we do, strive for. A trust-fall into oneself. It was a cocoon for just being. For letting go. For serenity. For visiting the place where great artistic seeds originate (and encompass what is intrinsically true to the human condition).

If you are longing for something to help get you to this place, I highly suggest booking an appointment.

The lovely people of Insight Float will have your back- just like the salinity of their water.

— Nichole N, InsightFloat on Facebook