I’ve been floating fairly regularly for about 6 months now. Better Being has pretty much been the only game in town since they opened, and I’d say that the team over there has set the bar pretty high for what I’m sure will become nearly as popular as tanning salons and reflexology massage shops in the not-too-distant future. Matt, Ryan, Missy, and Kenny have done a great job with their facility, and they’ve treated me like family from the moment I first interacted with them.

Upon entering the float center, you’ll notice that the air/vibe/energy in the place seems…serene, and the demeanor of the crew certainly reflects that same ambiance. It’s clean, calm, and inviting. They also make a considerable effort to ensure their clients are well cared-for, and seem to be improving upon those efforts all the time. One thing I really liked was the eventual addition of wax earplugs as an alternative to the standard orange foam type they also offer.

Entering one of their three float rooms as a first-timer is a pretty unique experience. The pod itself looks like a weird combination of a human-sized crock pot, hot tub, and space ship. I’ll admit, it can seem a little…daunting? at first – not quite intimidating – but also intriguing. The room is set up very nicely, with a great shower in each room and accompanying shower products at your disposal.

Once you climb into the tank, you immediately feel the heavily salt-laden water begin to fight against your weight gently, which is a super weird experience. The level of buoyancy is surprising. On your first go-round, it can be a little tricky to get comfortable with floating as effortlessly as you do. Even your head floats, but releasing your neck tension while in the water is much easier said than done. They offer neck floats in the tank for people that might be too uncomfortable with that bit.

You can plug music into an aux jack (AIRPLANE MODE!!!) in the pod, and you also have the option to leave the lights on. I recommend neither. If you go, clear your mind before you ever set foot in the place. Focus on your breathing. Relax. If you can settle your mind well enough in the tank, and you are receiving zero sensory input from your body, your brain lights up like the Fourth of July. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between having your eyes open instead of closed, but chances are high that you’ll see some things either way. I’ve experienced everything from organic, seemingly living blobs of color to images of all sorts, and even “heard” tones and other various sounds in some of my more intense experiences floating. The mind is a pretty bizarre thing when it begins to unspool. Time stops, and the outside world dissolves, as does the tank itself. You may as well be floating through the void of Outer Space.

The benefits I’ve received by floating are many, and I feel they’ll only increase with each trip to BBFC. You’ll never get to know yourself better than by being alone with only yourself, floating through nothingness, and any time I’ve gone while also trying to deal with whatever life problem I’ve got at the time results in a far more clear understanding of how to solve my problem, or at least how to proceed more effectively in the future. My primary reason for going are those mental benefits, but the physical benefits are also amazing. I leave feeling like I’ve just had a 90-minute massage, but for much less than I would’ve paid for one. It’s almost difficult to adjust to standing and walking for a minute or two afterward. Floating is perfect for the elderly and those with fibromyalgia or MS because of the tension and pain release. I had an ACL replacement a few years back, and my knee feels way better after an appointment. Anybody with joint pain will immediately get hooked. The magnesium dose you get from the Epsom salt is also pretty good for your body, since most people are a bit deprived of magnesium in their diets.

All in all, I can’t recommend Better Being Float Center, and floating in general, highly enough. The people, the facility, and the continued experience will keep me coming back for a VERY long time into the future, and I tell absolutely everyone I know that will listen about how great it is. It helps that they’ve got a pretty sweet referral program. Lulz. Sorry for the novel, but thanks for reading this. I really believe in what these great people are doing, and I think you’ll probably agree if you check it out for yourself. Just don’t get the water in your eyes, and tell them Nick sent you!

— Nick H., Better Being Float Center on Yelp