First FloatMeditationRelaxation

Ethereal experience

Why wasn't I aware of this amazing place?!?!? Ethereal experience today... Floating in a pod filled with 1000 pounds of perfectly balanced saline in total darkness at 98.6 degrees for four hours... After tussling with my own mind for what…
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First FloatPhysical RecoveryRelaxation

I feel more human and centered

I'm not sure where to start. I have a pretty stressful life, demanding job, 14-16 hour days, difficult ex wife, long commutes up and down the 405 and 5 freeways. I had seen some ads on FB about floating, so…
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AnxietyFirst FloatPhysical RecoveryRelaxation

A mind, body, spirit healing experience

Surprised Hubby with a 60 min FLOAT for his birthday. I had researched its therapeutic effects on anxiety, stress, and medicinal qualities of pain relief. It even helps people with mental disorders, and recovering addicts. I was excited to try…
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First Float

Being held in the presence of mySelf

My first float was such a life changing experience in the realm that it was my first adult experience of feeling held and comfortable. I was able to access a deeper space within myself that I had never reached with…
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First FloatRelaxation

You just kind of blend into it all

This was an excellent experience! In a way it is a cave I've been looking for a long to hide from the noise of the World. so you just lay down in your pod took some time to get…
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First FloatMeditation

A state of surrender to your entire being

Imagine being in that place you often fantasise about when you are wishing you could escape the reality of day to day obligations, this is exactly the place a float will take you. Imagine being in a state of surrender…
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First FloatMeditation

This is an amazing tool

I experienced my first float here today, and I have to say I was very impressed. I purchased a 60 minute Float Room experience. The place was calm and serene, and very very clean. The owner was very helpful and…
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AnxietyDepressionFirst Float

Feel super chill and centered

What a great addition to the area!!!  I was researching natural ways to deal with my anxiety and the sads - and read some peer-reviewed studies finding twice weekly salt floats have significant and lasting impact on general anxiety disorder…
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First FloatSleep

I slept deeper and sounder than I have in months

On a weekend camping road trip, my fiance and I travelled from Pennsylvania to the Great Smoky Mountains and up to Louisville. After all the hours in the car and sleeping on a hard surface we were feeling stiff, sore,…
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First FloatPhysical Recovery

Any athlete’s dream recovery

Typically a busy, stimulated person (long distance runner) initially I was very skeptical whether I would be able to float in complete silence and darkness for 90 minutes. I LOVED IT! November was my fourth float and I live in…
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