My first float experience and it was so well worth it! The sensation of being completely weightless in total utter darkness made me think “could I really be like Sandy B. in Gravity right now?!” The fiance and I tried out this place after a grueling week of packing and moving out of his apartment – and it was well worth it. He fell asleep; I couldn’t. BI found it quite tough to turn my mind off. I ended up making to-do lists and replaying different scenarios in my head. But once I was able to (slightly) turn it off, I did find a wave of calm sweep over me. What I can say is that my body felt 5 times lighter after coming out of the pod, my knees didn’t seem to ache as much, and my shoulders were so much lighter. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep.

As a first timer I would say – go in with no expectations. Your float will be what you make of it. And if you are going to try it out for the first time, I highly highly recommend Uncharted Waters. Jonathan is unbelievable knowledgeable – and in speaking to him for just 5 minutes, I felt calmer already! If I ever float again, I’m coming back to Uncharted Waters for sure!

— Dianne R., Uncharted Waters on Yelp