What a great addition to the area!!!  I was researching natural ways to deal with my anxiety and the sads – and read some peer-reviewed studies finding twice weekly salt floats have significant and lasting impact on general anxiety disorder and depression.  Saw this new place in Montclair on Google….and since it’s new I was able to get some floats 30% off during the presale. And I am THRILLED I did! Just got back from my first 60 min float and feel super chill and centered.  Also – as a bonus – I think it really reduced the pain in my neck and shoulders.

The first float is always a little weird they say (read a bunch of “float blogs” – cause nerd) …..you don’t know where to put your arms or how to relax into it or what to think…and that was true for me.  But if this is the least relaxing float I ever have – then they found a lifer in me. The team is super nice and chill – and the space is ridiculously clean and well decorated with great shampoo, body wash and conditioner provided.  My hair actually feels amazing smooth now that it’s dry. Didn’t expect that – nice bonus bonus!! Can’t wait to head back in a few days for my 90 min session 😉

— Erin C., Salt Float Center on Yelp