As a human who seriously mistreats himself on a regular basis, sometimes giving into the stresses of business + life, and always having that elusive battle with the control I attempt to exert over the life and future I am building myself; and then the ‘universe’ periodically pulling the rug out from under me to let me know that all my efforts are for nothing – floating at clear float spa has been a wonderful experience.

Imagine where you can goto a place where your entire experience has been thought of. From the moment you book and shortly after walk through the door, their entire business is built around making everything in my first paragraph irrelevant.

Floating is whatever you make it, but in its most clinical sense, it is the removal of the over-stimulation the world can force upon us. It is a calm and safe place where you are weightless, floating, and just letting go.

There is no, or very little, auditory stimulation – so much so that you really notice how much background noise that you process at any given moment. I choose to float without lights (it is optional, so don’t let that scare you, but recommended) and the combination of removing auditory and visual stimulation just allows your brain go to towards amazing places.

You get an opportunity, should you choose to take it, to see a true reflection of yourself, to let thoughts and ideas come and go, and really just connect back with who you are. In my case, i kind of forgot who I am, and floating helps remind me of that.

Give it a shot, I now float on a regular basis, and it is incredible.

— Michael T., Clear Float on Yelp