On a weekend camping road trip, my fiance and I travelled from Pennsylvania to the Great Smoky Mountains and up to Louisville. After all the hours in the car and sleeping on a hard surface we were feeling stiff, sore, and groggy. We’d never floated before and were somewhat apprehensive about being in a quiet, dark tank for 90 minutes.

Walking into Weightless was an immediate comfort. We were given detailed information about what to expect and all of our questions were answered thoroughly by the kind, informed staff.

I spent the first 20 minutes of my float adjusting, breathing, and getting used to the feeling of what I imagine floating on a cloud must be. At first I kept the lights on in the tank, but eventually turned them off after I was comfortable. All of the pressure on my joints and muscles melted away and I lost track of time entirely.

When 90 minutes was over, lights automatically turned on and jets slowly brought me out of a deep relaxation.

The shower after floating brought be back into my body — this time feeling blissful and light. After floating I waited in the lounge for my fiance and doodled in the guest book, inspired by the glowy-feeling in my body and mind. That night I slept deeper and sounder than I have in months.

The next day we were recharged enough to drive 12 hours in the car back home without achey bones.

Since I am a commuter, I’m going to be looking for a float place near me and make it a part of my routine. I am able to sleep much more soundly and feel mindfully alert after having the experience of being truly weightless.

— Robin Z, Weightless Float Spa & Wellness Center on TripAdvisor