Personally, I loved it. I’ve done it twice now and it is SO relaxing. The first time, I came out feeling so limber and relaxed and fresh… you have the option to listen to their zen music or hook up your tunes and listen to your own music, and I tried the lights and the music the first time and it was nice but I felt the most at peace floating in complete and total silence. Complete sensory deprivation. Be aware though y’all that the water in the pod have a lot of salt in it. So if you have any cuts or open wounds, you may feel some pain. But they have stuff to help relieve that. They also have a blow up floating pillow you have lay on while you float. After a while of floating, it feels as if your floating on nothing at all. Just air. I’ve found that an hour and a half to 2 hours is the best amount of time to get the full effect.

Plus once your done they have a little room in the back where you can freshen up and they have some relaxing product you can use and it’s so nice. And then in the front they offer water and tea and relaxing chairs to chill in.

My tips:

– do it naked.

– use the earplugs to block out any sound

– do total sensory deprivation. No lights, no sound.

If i were rich, I’d do this every week. But since I can’t, every time I get to do this, it’s a special treat. 🙂

— Sean M, Liquid Float Center on Yelp