I started visiting Float Level in October 2015, with a three float introductory pack… it transformed my sleep so much that I now visit every week – I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I have always struggled to sleep and have quite a stressful job; the difference that a weekly float has made is remarkable… I fall asleep much more easily and stay asleep for longer. My wife has remarked that she has seen a huge difference. In addition, I am generally less stressed now and feel more relaxed at work.

I float as early in the day as possible and always feel rejuvenated when I head back to work, the day seems to fly by and I am very productive; however the evening after the float is the best, when I usually have the best night’s sleep of the week.

The centre is less than ten minutes walk from Piccadilly railway station, which is close to where I work; there is also ample parking outside. The location is fantastic, far enough away as not to feel too busy as it would if it was right in the centre, but close enough to be accessible.

The centre itself is clean and very modern – I won’t go through the finer details as they have been described in detail by the other posters; suffice to say that it is clean, bright and very inviting. Chris, the owner, also clearly knows his stuff and is more than happy to give advice when needed.

Paul T. review of Float Level