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About Floating

What is Floating / Floatation Therapy / Sensory Deprivation?

Floatation therapy (also known as floating, sensory deprivation or REST) is a practice that involves a pod, pool, or tank that is filled with water super-saturated with high-quality Epsom salt — so much so that you float effortlessly.

The pod is enclosed (don’t worry, you won’t feel claustrophobic and have full control to open the door/lid at any time), with more than enough room for you to be comfortable, and also to provide an experience without light, sound and the least amount of sensory input for your body and mind. This provides one of the deepest levels of relaxation and stress reduction available, refreshing you immensely within a 60 or 90-minute session. Each center is unique in how they offer the experience and the incredible benefits are quickly being realized around the world.

To see what it can do for you, read the stories.

Where can I try my first float?

You can find one of the most comprehensive lists of float centers here.

What should I expect for my first float?

The most important thing is to try and go in without any specific expectations of what will happen, as the experience is very personal and differs for everyone — including each session.

Each float center will differ in their process, so it’s best to consult with them.

We also recommend you read some stories from others about their first floats.

What if I'm claustrophobic?

This is one of the most commons concerns for people who are interested in floating for the first time and the large majority of experiences are positive for those who try it.

The experience is more expansive than restricting and all of the pods, tanks, and pools provide more than enough room for you to float.


How do I share my story?

Please share your story with us easily here. We’d love it if you included a photo of yourself (especially if it includes the tank or pod) or something that relates to your story.

⚠ If you have any issues, reach out to us.

How do I have a story removed?

If there’s a story on the site that you’d like removed, please send us a quick email with the URL of that story and why you want it removed.

About Us

Who made this site?

We are a pair of creatives that have experienced the profound benefits of floating over the last 5 years using our expertise, skills, and knowledge of the industry to help more people discover it for themselves.

By floating, we’ve spent more than 100 hours without gravity, and have been helping float centers since 2015.

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