AnxietyMeditationPhysical Recovery

This took me to another level!

What an incredible experience!!! I had my first visit here this evening, and it was my first time trying a float tank. It was truly transcendent; 60 minutes of pure bliss. I am an experienced daily meditator, but this took…
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Chronic PainMeditation

A massage and a chiropractor in one

The best way to end your week.  I love this place for the following reasons: It's like a spa, clean, relaxing, not scary or claustrophobic.  I've been in a couple of types of pods / tanks and this style of…
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What a beautiful experience

I did my first float this week and I am so glad I did. What a beautiful experience. It is freeing, it is cleansing and it does wonderful biological benefits for your body - look up the health effects! I…
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First FloatMeditationRelaxation

Ethereal experience

Why wasn't I aware of this amazing place?!?!? Ethereal experience today... Floating in a pod filled with 1000 pounds of perfectly balanced saline in total darkness at 98.6 degrees for four hours... After tussling with my own mind for what…
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MeditationPhysical RecoveryRelaxation

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had

One of the best experiences I have ever had. I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders not to mention the crazy amount of mental tension I hold onto, and I felt that all go away. I…
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Greatest spiritual and emotional impact on my reality

I've floated several times at Waves and I'm surprised at the effect it has had on my well being. Upon leaving the float center, I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. But I'm mostly surprised by the difference in my thinking…
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Liberating. When I think of all the words that could possibly be used to described my first float experience, liberating is the one that is most appropriate. I was introduced to Capitol Floats by an old friend, Terri N. Someone…
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Every float is different, they’re all beneficial

I have been coming to Zen Float Center regularly since March 2017, and the benefits to my wellbeing are so valuable that I will continue to do so. I float for stress relief, anxiety therapy, headache relief, meditation, mindfulness and…
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A trust-fall into oneself

All creatives know what getting in "the zone" feels like -it's also when we unleash our greatest works. On the flip-side, we know what creative burnout and artist's-block feel like (equally and at times painfully well). When last I floated…
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First FloatMeditation

A state of surrender to your entire being

Imagine being in that place you often fantasise about when you are wishing you could escape the reality of day to day obligations, this is exactly the place a float will take you. Imagine being in a state of surrender…
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