I have been coming to Zen Float Center regularly since March 2017, and the benefits to my wellbeing are so valuable that I will continue to do so.

I float for stress relief, anxiety therapy, headache relief, meditation, mindfulness and spiritual pursuit. Now that I’m becoming practiced at it, I find that while every float is different, they are all beneficial.

Sometimes I need to rest my tense mind and tight muscles. Other times I have a problem that requires deep inquiry. I usually begin with a progressive muscle relaxation and then follow my intuition into whatever meditative practice would be most beneficial that day.

If nothing else, it is a weekly appointment with deep relaxation. This benefit alone is like pushing the reset button on life. But the overall experience is much richer than that. The tranquility and joy of a float session last far beyond the time spent in the tank.

Allow yourself to settle into a quiet so deep that all you can hear is your breath and your heart beat. Let go into the silence of the deepest truth that you know and embrace the potential to live the life that you were born to live.

—Ashley B, Zen Float Center on Facebook