What an incredible experience!!! I had my first visit here this evening, and it was my first time trying a float tank. It was truly transcendent; 60 minutes of pure bliss. I am an experienced daily meditator, but this took me to another level!! I had a rough day earlier today; quite emotional, and this really pulled me out of it and into a happier state. Mental chatter- gone. Anxiety- gone. It’s like my brain shut off and I could just BE.

The facilities are lovely and have a good vibe from the second you walk in. In the tank- I was comfortable, the water was a good temperature, I was free to move around and even felt inspired to do some reiki healing on myself (I’m a Reiki Master). So wonderful! I felt very spiritually awaken and open.

I left feeling at peace, happy in my body and mind, and so relaxed. I work out 5+ days a week, and have a physical job (massage therapist) and my muscles felt like butter.


Excerpt from Lindsey T’sĀ review of Theta Wave Float Spa