After months of pushing it off to make an appointment due to a busy work schedule, I decided to give myself the gift of floating to my birthday. I’m a fast-paced athletic professional that suffers from tremendous muscular back and neck muscles pain. I was looking for something different than my normal yoga routine to gain more relaxation.

I did arrive 15 minutes early to my appointment since parking was easy in the morning hours and was very friendly greeted by Derek, one of the owners. The spa has a very clean, peaceful atmosphere. After a detailed introduction, shower and a few minutes of preparation, I went onto my very first floatation experience for the next 90 minutes. It was sure a little awkward feeling at first, being in this dark box with a closed door, floating in warm salt water by myself but the discomfort disappeared very quickly after a few minutes. Due to a very stiff neck that morning, Derek gave me an addition head floatation device to keep my neck muscles even more relaxed, which helped a lot.

I did leave the spa in a satisfied, calm and relaxed spirit as it was a very enjoyable and refreshing experience and I can only recommend everyone to try it. This was surely not the last time floating for me.

Michael T, Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy on Yelp