Desperate times call for desperate measures… I pinched a nerve at ballet class on a Saturday morning and typically this escalates into me being horizontal, with my ice pack and heating pad and lots of advil and other assorted muscle relaxants.  Sunday morning someone suggested I try floating, so by noon Sunday I was in the tank. I knew a lot about it, but this was my first rodeo.

My only concern was that I wouldn’t be able to handle the closed environment.  But like I said, when you’re hurting you’ll try anything.  So I just started breathing very deeply to settle my mind and my heart rate down. I slipped in and out of sleep and meditation for 90 minutes, which felt like 30 and when I came out, I felt great… still a little tender around the nerve area of my hip, but was really proud of myself for having done it.  THEN the next morning I woke up and zero pain.  Gone. Nada. Very happy today. My advice, just do it. Get over yourself and your fears and “Let go!”

Pamela H. review of Astral Float on Yelp