As someone with a stressful job and who trains hard I feel the need to recharge. I’ve tried massage (which I love) but it’s never been quite enough. I’m too easily distracted for meditation (even guided) and am way too clumsy for yoga.

Ever since I was a kid watching Simpsons and seeing homer take Lisa to it I have always wanting to try floating.

My busy mind was made quiet, my overworked muscles were relaxed and I was lulled into the most people state I’ve ever been in. Thank you.

I was worried (even though I was told it’s a non-issue) that I would feel claustrophobic and my skin would wrinkle (eeewwww) but alas, this is not the case.

Expect to see me again and to tell everyone who will listen that is great down here, we aaaaalll float down here, join me and you’ll float too!!

Jasmine P. review of Float & Restore