I’ve been holding back on writing a review for months since it’s hard to explain this “silver bullet” that is floating.  

I didn’t want to believe the hype. I was afraid of claustrophobia. I had no idea what to expect since everyone says their experience is unique.  

I’ve seen professional athletes in all sports in most major markets say that floating is their best recovery and focus tool, that it can supplement deep tissue massage. Even though I’m a former competitive swimmer, I get claustrophobia in black bottom pools and most float centers have “eggs” pools. I have a couple co-workers who have floated before and they just have this “glow” about them for almost a week and living in Silicon Valley, I’m skeptical of most everything and am afraid of a long drive.  I’ll try anything once though and now I’m a float believer.

I had a rare free weekend and have some family in the Sacramento area so I booked my session online seamlessly.  I arrived early and the staff were extremely welcoming and walked me through the center. They calmly answered my list of 100+ questions (some more real concerns and other fears I’ve conjured up in my subconscious on the long drive).  I had an entire space to myself where I didn’t have to worry about theft or observers. The tub (not egg) was extremely spacious and comfortable that I just slipped into an instant calm. As I explored the space an hour seemed like forever, it seemed like no time at all.  Being completely disconnected from the outside world and mobile leash was something I thought being in the forest could provide.

When the time ended and I had my tea in the creativespace. Looking back on it my posture improved/back hurt less, my allergies had calmed, my sore muscles rejuvenated, headaches gone, and I had a similar after-glow to a really good massage for a fraction of the price. Compared to a good massage that continues for 2 days max, this active recovery lasted 3-5 days. I was almost ready to book a trip to the Dead Sea and see what a week would do!

I know that everyone has different reasons why they float: stress reduction, creative release, mental focus, chronic pain/sore muscles, 70s nostalgia for sensory deprivation, weightlessness. I now float whenever I can for deautomatization and because it’s the only time I’m really serving myself. Health is the only investment what we spend our lives neglecting until it’s too late for us to enjoy life. Give floating a try with a company you trust, Capitol Float is my center.

– A.J.P., Capitol Floats on Yelp