Like many people, I heard about “floating” and thought it sounded neat, but I wasn’t really interested in doing it myself. I met Jarrid and he explained the process so thuroughly that I decided “what the heck?” and signed up for a first time float. I’m a busy teacher, coach, husband, and father of three energetic kids and I used my float time to escape. The first 30 mins or so I spent trying to figure out what was going on. Then I took Jarrid’s advice and just cleared my mind. The next 30 mins were just blank. I was startled once during this time only due to my own snoring waking me up. The effects were great as I had a deep calmness when I left and the sore shoulder that had bothered me for weeks felt like it had a jump start on recovering.

I recommended this to four of my high school athletes. They gave floating a try and also felt the calming effects after a long week of finals. They would like to come back and use floating to help visualize races and strategies for the upcoming track season.

The facility is top notch from entrance to exit. This was something pretty far out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I went and will be scheduling my next float as a date night with my wife. Thank you Jarrid and Salt2O


— Jason E, Salt2o Float Spa on Facebook