Being an athlete, a competitive swimmer, I put my body through a lot of strain. I have floated twice, once after an evening practice, and once after a Saturday morning practice. After both practices I was extremely sore and tired and my muscles were full of lactic acid. After each float I felt amazing. It was the most unique and wonderful experience. It got rid of most of my soreness and got all of the lactic acid out of my body. It also just allowed me to relax physically and mentally.

During my first float, I am not sure if I actually fell asleep or not. I believe I was just in a deep meditation phase where I actually was able to visualize my races and focus while still remaining completely relaxed. My second float, I actually did fall asleep and got a good nap in. When you are able to fall asleep, you wake up feeling like you just got a good nights sleep. I highly recommend making an appointment and trying this.

Whether you are an athlete, someone with a back problem or any soreness at all, or someone who just wants some relaxing time to themselves, this is the perfect place for you.

—Abbey W, Elevate Float Center on Facebook