I went in yesterday for the first time and the results are incredible. I was in a car accident a few months back and I go to chiropractic/massage appointments weekly. Although they help, I was desperate to find something that could get me in last minute and relieve my pain. For it being the first time, it did take me about 20 min to ‘let go.’ I had anxiety trying to just float and relax so I started with the head rest that is provided. About halfway through I removed it and I highly reccomend not using it, the floating experience is so much better without it in my opinion.

Yesterday I went into Float being barely able to stand up straight/walk and left completely refreshed and my back felt good for the first time in a long while. I also got the best nights sleep of my entire life last night. For anyone who is thinking about trying it and is maybe aprehensive, I highly reccomend it, just get relaxed as soon as you can to enjoy the entire experience. It is great for physical pain and the most relaxed I have ever been. It feels like you are floating in space! I will definitely be back!

Kayla L’s review of Float Spokane