Recommended to anyone. Highly professional, clean and pretty amazing experience. Yes, you may be able to achieve deep relaxation using some other tools and techniques, but floating chamber seems to be the quickest way to do that. Relaxing music, lights and all things you need to make this memorable experience are being provided with detailed instructions.

I did 1 hour session and it starts weird, as you can read from other reviews. It seems hard to believe how dense the water is. After few minutes, it becomes really pleasant experience. I was worried a bit before jumping in if the chamber is long enough for me, as I’m 190cm tall… There was enough space, I have occasionally touched the wall with my toes and the foam ring you get to put under your head. It really didn’t bother me that much, someone made a big deal out of it in another review, but seriously don’t worry about it. I even played a little bit by pushing myself into different directions, felt like a child.

I have even forgotten about my neck pain and enjoyed moving my fingers and toes through the salty water. Shortly after I have drifted away to the dreamland.

Staff was very accommodating to reschedule my session when I was running late.

Great way to relax on my birthday, floating in my birthday suit. If you are looking to treat yourself, look no further.

Adam S. review of Float Chiang Mai