From the minute I walked in the door the first time, I felt at home. Floating is still a new “thing” in Halifax, and although I was anxious to try it, I was also a little nervous about climbing in a potentially claustrophobic dark tank. I was warmly greeted, and given such a thorough introduction that all my fears and concerns immediately went away.

I had my own room all to myself, so there were no concerns about privacy. The room had its own shower and subdued lighting, which set me at ease, and in the zone. I find it hard to slow down and take some ‘me’ time and calm my mind. I work on traditional meditation and yoga practices but am still struggling to really let go of the negative self-defeating thoughts and find a little peace.

I was also so thrilled to find out how much control I had in the session. I could leave the tank door open if I wanted, or half-open, or whatever I was comfortable with. Once I showered I climbed in, and tried it with the door open for about 15 minutes, as I became more and more relaxed. By then, I was ready for the full experience and closed the door the whole way. THAT is when I felt the real difference. I felt weightless.

Nothing hurt. Nothing ached. Nothing was strained. My breaths became deeper, my heart slowed, and it was very calming. My mind still raced, but eventually slowed down as I concentrated on the breaths and my heartbeat. It became peaceful and safe, and …calm. I don’t know if I fell asleep or not. I felt myself twitch a few times, like I do just as I am falling to sleep or waking up. I lost track of all time, and figured I was only about halfway through when the lights came on and the music played. I was astounded.
I reluctantly rose, and showered, and was loathe to leave my little cocoon of a room.

I wandered into the lounge and was gently met with some post-float tea and as much or little conversation as I wanted. “How was my float?” was asked. My answer then, and even after my second float, is “I can’t describe it but it is all good.” I slept like a baby. My mood, which is prone to depression, negative self talk and anxiety, noticably improved. My thinking process slowed down. And I was anxious to come back.

My advice is ..if you are thinking about doing it, then do it. I think the experience is unique for every person. The atmosphere and welcoming staff here set the perfect tone for allowing me to learn more about myself in a safe, positive, accepting atmosphere. Give it a go!

Snoogletooth review of The Floatation Centre