I’m 8 months pregnant, so naturally was desperate to find a way to alleviate the common symptoms and discomforts that go along with pregnancy like back pain, swollen everything, insomnia, headaches, etc. I tried floating for the first time after hearing about the benefits, but without expecting a cure-all. My first float was indescribable. It felt so amazing– I was finally able to fully relax without my back aching. I could just lay there only feeling the movement of my baby and with complete comfort literally from head to toe. It’s unlike anything you ever experience, but so natural. The hour went really fast… But even after it was over I noticed my body and mind held onto the relief and tranquility for DAYS. Following my float I was finally able to sleep after weeks of insomnia. I can’t wait to go back again. I would recommend to anyone–but especially pregnant ladies!

Alisa F’s review of Float Spokane