Being pregnant is an experience in itself, but thinking you’re doing the right things, i.e. taking it easy, lower impact exercise, etc. still DOES NOT take the stress off of your body like being in a float tank.

I’ve personally gained nearly 50lbs+ during my pregnancy (I am due in 3 weeks), I swim for exercise, and when I laid in the float tank my entire back adjusted. I heard it pop and adjust even MORE so because I wear earplugs when I float. Oh did I mention that I am not one of those ‘back popping/adjusting’ people. I don’t crack my fingers/neck, really nothing on my 30yr old body cracks, pops, etc. etc…. So it was seriously like “Wow!”. When my whole body was flat in the tank, both of my hips popped into place. NONE of this was painful by the way, but shocking…. I had absolutely NO IDEA how stressed these joints were, I guess logically if you’re ‘not in pain’ then your body must be okay, right? WRONG!

Despite how much I do try to be careful with my pregnancy and weight gain; stretch out, not lift heavy objects, my body was still clearly saying “Thanks!” for taking this huge amount of stress off of it. During my float I was able to reach complete “darkness”. For me (and I am sure for most women) it is virtually impossible to not think about And that’s all I wanted, just to not have anything in my brain; blank, peaceful, quiet darkness. I didn’t even want to think about the sun because it makes me feel awake for the obvious reason.

So for me this time, it was not an outer body experience that some try to achieve, but an inner body experience of nothingness, and it was great. Even the baby chilled and my stomach went as flat as it could, no contractions, he literally didn’t move at all after we were able to reach our point of relaxation. Thanks Float Brothers!

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