In my many years of using the internet, I’ve written very few reviews, but felt compelled to share my amazing experience with FloatWorks. From beginning to end, the experience was fantastic.

On arrival at 8.45am I was greeted by Eugene on the reception desk and it quickly became apparent I was in a special place.

Eugene omitted a perfect balance of calm, positive, reassuring energy and it was obvious he was deeply connected to his work, this was well received, especially as it was my first time going into a pod and I’m somewhat claustrophobic. After a brief conversation with Eugene I was totally at ease and even more looking forward to the float.

After a few simple formalities, it was time to go in. The process was clearly explained by another member of staff (also totally chilled and connected) and in I went.

The pod room was incredibly plush, it was super clean and had a balance of feeling natural but also very futuristic, I took a moment to appreciate that I’d taken time out to give myself some much needed ‘me time’.

Even the pre-float shower was on point, Floatworks have definitely put a lot of effort into the finer details, including the lighting, water temperature controls and good quality toiletries.

Body showered, face dry and earplugs in, I got into the pod. The pod was perfectly clean, felt a perfect shape and size. The water temperature was perfect and the ratio of salt seemed spot on as I had the immediate feeling of weightlessness.

I’d intended to wait for 5 or 10 mins with the lights on to get used to it, but didn’t need to, I closed the lid, turned off the light, shut my eyes and let go of my entire bodyweight (including the head) to the water, I was floating!

Identical to meditation, the internal chatter kicked in, my brain started doing an inventory of everything that had been on my mind. Whilst the chatter was flowing my body was still moving around a bit and it seemed almost on autopilot trying to find the right position to fully engage the experience.

I opened my eyes to check it was totally dark and it was, it took a few seconds to get used to having your eyes open in complete darkness, being claustrophobic and having a tendency to sometimes overthink this could have bothered me a bit, but it didn’t, I embraced it and was glad there wasn’t any hint of light that might have distracted me.

After what was maybe 10 more minutes of reviewing the inventory of my brain, boom.. my mind shifted into a state that I can only describe as not being awake or asleep, but 100% blissfully relaxed whilst being weightless.

I don’t know exactly how long I was in the blissful state, but shifted back to normal consciousness maybe around 5 minutes before the end of the session. I could vaguely hear the music indicating the session was ending.

After the post float shower, I went into the chillout room upstairs, drank a lovely herbal tea and discovered a incredibly relevant passage in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

On leaving I had a really synchronistic conversation with Eugene, booked up for another session the following week and then made my way home.

I felt brand new, repaired, recharged and full of calm positive energy, as ‘woo woo’ as it sounds, I truly believe we all need to do more things like this and the world would literally be a better place.

Mark S. review of FloatWorks