Ah, getting away from it all!  Literally.

Floating is an amazing way to relax, meditate, and recharge.  It is, for me, the opposite of yoga, which I also love.  Whereas yoga disciplines the mind with the focus on desired positions and postures while focusing your breathing, emptying the mind of all other pursuits, floating removes all such stimulations.  You float in a pool of highly salinated water, with no sound, no appreciable skin stimulus, no sound….  you are alone with your breath and your thoughts.  Free to relax, free to concentrate, free to drift.  It is your own experience.  Friends of mine who cannot cut off the mind-chatter, who spend such an opportunity going through the list of things they could otherwise be doing or have to get back to — these friends do not enjoy floating.  But for me, it is the ultimate in relaxation for 90 minutes of complete peace.  You lose track of time.  You lose track of stress.  You just…. ARE… for this briefest of vacations.  And when the session is up, soft music is piped in to help you transition back to the world.

Michael S, Aquafloat on Yelp