This was the first float tank experience for my wife and I, and I entered into it hoping to confront conflicted thoughts in my mind.

After showering and putting in earplugs, we entered through a small door leading to the float tank – it looked like a large rectangular hot tub in a dark room.

When I was able to float without bumping into the wall or my wife, I definitely entered into a different state, like a deeper level of calmness. It felt like my body was non-existent, but touching anything resets you back to reality.

The most common sensation I had throughout the 60-minute session was that of flying through space, especially when opening my eyes to pitch blackness.

Admittedly, it was a mistake to go into the experience with preconceived plans or thoughts – any conscious thinking felt forced. However, when I completely let go, my mind was completely blank for awhile, which is difficult to achieve outside of the float tank.

After a period of letting go with a free, empty mind, I started seeing random images without any conscious control. I saw people I hadn’t seen in years and an image of an older version of my daughter in a black dress. Mostly, I felt like I was drifting through space in an escape pod.

Ultimately, the feeling of deep relaxation continued for hours after the session was over.

I’d definitely recommend the place and the experience. Since I bumped into my wife about 10 times throughout the 60 minute session and it brought me back to reality each time, we agreed that next time we’d try individual tanks. Nevertheless, the dual float tank is a great bonding experience and an excellent introduction to sensory deprivation tanks in general.

Power Lectics was a phenomenal place to try it – Everything seemed clean and sanitary and the service and set up were top notch.

Nicholas N. review of Float Spa San Diego