This was an excellent experience! In a way it is a cave I’ve been looking for a long to hide from the noise of the World. so you just lay down in your pod …it took some time to get adjusted to the weightlessness, mind racing with busy thoughts and the quietness.I felt like I was floating in air and didn’t even notice it was water. I came out with less joint pain and more relaxed than ever.

I have to admit I was a little nervous but that melted away as soon as I found my comfy spot. It did take me a little while to find my best position and to really let go but I think that’s pretty normal for the first time. It’s the perfect temperature in the water and air so that you just kind of blend into it all and can’t tell where you, the water, and air begin or end. You have the option of leaving the light on and/or the door open but do yourself the favor and close the door and turn out the light. I wish everyone of you to enjoy floating!

— Nadege W., The Float Studio on Facebook