As a healthcare provider and business owner, I am always looking for quick ways to de-stress and take care of my health. I am happy to have found Evanston Float Center.

I had been advised to try float tanks by colleagues and specifically referred to Evanston Float Centers.

The experience exceeded my expectations in 3 ways.

1) The float chambers are very spacious.

Almost comically larger than my expectations. I had been concerned about claustrophobia with the smaller pod floats I had seen advertised online, but this chamber was so large that as a 6 footer, I was able to stretch my arms and legs out in every direction without hitting the sides of the chamber. I was able to perform stretches during my float and even ‘swim’ lightly floating from end to end on my back.

2) The facility is very clean and modern.

The private float rooms are modern and tiled with some traditional wood mats and benches for changing. You’re provided with slippers and a linen robe for relaxing following your float. Colored, dim backlighting is on, however you can and should turn that off and enjoy the complete darkness during your float.

3) Luxury treat.

Although this had been recommended to me, I had gone in expecting a king spa like experience where it may still be loud, crowded, and….awkward. It wasn’t. I felt good about treating myself to this on a Friday afternoon. I felt like entered my weekend after just leaving a 3-day vacation rather than a hectic/stressful workweek.

I’ll be back.

Benjmin F. review of Evanston Float Center