In Jan, 2018 my wife and I went on a float date to Luna Float to try it out as I had heard floating was great for the soul.

It was.

My wife was a little anxious but the tour by the friendly staff prior to the float explained everything really well and made my wife feel at ease.

I was fine with no lights and all, but my wife wanted a little more reassurance for her first float and so they gave her a floating ball that she could squeeze and it would light up. She loved it and it was all she needed to make her feel comfortable, but if that isn’t enough for you to feel safe then they will also leave the lights on for you to make you feel safe.

So for those who haven’t floated before here is what it is:
1. Sensory deprivation (in a good way, it is NOT solitary confinement)
2. It is time that you give yourself for introspection and thinking about things, or thinking about nothing if you prefer
3. It is okay to fall asleep. You get benefits from the session whether you sleep or not. However, the benefits are different but everyone will experience floating differently in my opinion
4. You are not going to be in a super deep and super wide tank and there is so much Epsom Salt in the water that it is impossible to sink. You can stop worrying that you are going to fall asleep and drown. It is not going to happen.
5. The tank you float in has about 8 inches of water.

I think everyone should try floating. It is good for the mind, body and soul. And it is safe, healthy and relaxing.

Jamie N. review of Luna Float