I had the great pleasure of floating for the third time today at Tampa Floats. It was a wonderful experience, from start to finish. I was sincerely impressed both by the facility and by the warm welcome I received. Alex is always friendly and relaxed. The facility is pristine and inviting. The float room (I have only tried their pod so far) is equipped with everything you need. I especially appreciated the cosmetic supplies for after you get out of the float tank and the visual diagram reminding me of the steps I should take before my float (forgetting to turn your phone off could hinder the experience).

The float itself was pretty magical. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. The pod seems to be brand new, and you have the ability to turn the light off and on from inside the pod, I like having that control just in case I get nervous. I turned the light off as soon as I got in and felt totally comfortable after a couple minutes of orienting myself. The water is 40% epsom salt (I think) so basically it feels like you are laying on a bed of water, you float without any effort at all.  I have a varicose vein that has constantly ached for years, it was completely relieved during my time in the tank and for a couple hours afterward, and in general has bothered me less and less since I began floating several months ago. I also felt refreshed after getting out of the tank, kind of like taking a nap or having a great massage, but for me, even better.

It’s really hard to put the experience into words, but I think it’s a really great way to re-charge, be alone with your thoughts and to get away from technology. I’m convinced it’s great for my mood and for alleviating my anxieties. It truly feels like a 60 minute attitude adjustment.  I like the gentle notification of when the float was over, the filter was turned on so the water started to circulate around me, letting me know it was time to get out. 60 minutes flies by in a tank!

If your on the fence about trying a float, I really don’t think you will regret it, especially if you try it at Tampa Floats… they really have their customers’ comfort level in mind.

Amber D. review of Tampa Floats