Everything about FLOAX is soooooo perfect. The scent of the room, decoration, atmosphere, setting, the lounge, the shower, the shower products (I must say the scent of the products are the best), etc.

Before I visited FLOAX, I was so scared of the therapy: darkness, being alone, hearing strange noises, ghosts. Well, apparently that was just my silly perception.

As I do yoga a lot lately, the floatation spa helps alleviate with my muscle fatigue. And It is absolutely amazing for relaxation!! I do not normally relax myself as I don’t feel the need to but I have really serious insomnia and got kinda scared of sleeping. As you are forced to relax inside the pod, you won’t feel not relaxed~

I have purchased a package, which is shareable, so that my parents can try. It is not very expensive per float for package and it’s worth it!

Hiu Tung C review of Floax on TripAdvisor