I am one of those people who can’t shut their minds down. My thoughts are always racing. I worry about everything. I probably worry when there is nothing to worry about.

After finishing my fourth marathon, my fiance suggested I try float therapy as a means to relax and help sooth my sore muscles. We searched the internet and we found, Tranquil Waters Float. It was in a convenient location and they had great reviews.

The first time I floated, I had floated with a little light and total silence. I felt amazing afterwards and I slept so wonderfully that night. The first time I floated it took me awhile to get adjusted and I knew the times I would float afterwards, the experiences would be even better.

It’s really a matter of preference but for me the best experience for floating is to be in complete darkness and to have some soft Spa music playing as well. I should mention if you wish to play music in your float room you can because they have an audio jack in the room and the speakers are in the float room.

Anyway, after each time I float, I feel amazing! I always feel like I have had a great night’s rest after each float session.

Definitely check this place out. The owners are wonderful folks. They are very friendly. If you are in the military, police, firefighter, or paramedic…go them. They will definitely take care of you.

—Andrea K, Tranquil Waters on Tripadvisor