I have been going to Easy Float for the last two months, there are no words for how amazing of experience I have each week. Yes, I love it so much I now go weekly! I have resulted to talking and sharing my experience with my friends, family and co-workers so felt a YELP review was also in order!

Bryan and his team are always welcoming and accommodating. From the first visit to my 8th it is been nothing short of spectacular. For those first timers you are paid special attention to, walked through the entire process and what you should expect during 90 minute float experience. I will say my second float session was even better than my first…. so when they talk about giving it another try… it’s not a gimmick! Knowing what to expect the after your first float only allows for a more fulfilling experience.

I reap the benefits of my weekly float for days after and have gained a sense of rejuvenation and calm.

Look forward to my weekly dose of Easy Float every time! Cannot stress how amazing this place is, you will not be disappointed!

Erin P., Float Easy on Yelp