Walking inside Sacred Waters felt like entering an urban-nature hybrid sanctuary. I can tell a lot of TLC went into decorating the place. Clean, peaceful + inspiring.

I did floating for the first time here and I was a little nervous at first but as soon as I saw the room + the tub I got excited. My body totally relaxed in the water and I felt like I had the choice to rest my mind, or to think more clearly about something that I was trying to figure out. I did a little bit of both, and noticed a big difference in the degree of focus I attained , compared to other situations where I’ve tried to figure something out even with very few distractions around – there was something about just feeling weightless that made me run out of excuses to not focus haha :).

I was in an altered state when I came out but I remember walking out after showering onto this really cool patch of real grass + moss + rocks (indoors) and thinking it was such a nice detail – made me want to get out into nature more.

Afterwards, Jennifer had some tea waiting for me in a lovely area with really cool pillows to take in the experience. She gave me a new Moleskine notebook to use and keep and I enthusiastically wrote the plans + lyrics + questions I had come up with . The notebook was just like the cherry on top for me as it was an awesome token to carry the memory of this rejuvenating experience.

I look forward to coming back, especially when I have big decisions to make – I can tell this place will be a welcoming retreat from the sometimes seemingly “big, bad world” out there.

Anne M, Sacred Waters on Yelp